SYSTASIS is an international scholarly e-journal initiated by the members of the Association of Classical Philologists ANTIKA and edited by international editorial board.

The name of the journal, SYSTASIS, meaning "composition", relates to the great discovery made by Professor M. D. Petruševski, who published his translation of Aristotle's Poetics (Περὶ ποητικῆς) in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, in 1979. He emended the phrase in Aristotle's definition of tragedy, usually known as κάϑαρσις παϑημάτων, "purification of emotions" to σύστασις πραγμάτων, "a composition of acts", that cause fear and compassion – the essential characteristics of tragedy.

The thesis that the composition of the components of a work determine literary genre was elaborated on literary-theoretical and philosophical grounds by Professor Elena Koleva in her work "The Composition of Acts as a Poetic Principle", published in Skopje in 1992 and thus the linguistic discovery of M. D. Petruševski was confirmed on theoretical grounds.

The e-journal SYSTASIS is a composition of contributions made by classical philologists, historians, archaeologists, philosophers and all others who study the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Rome and the cultural and historical heritage of these civilizations.

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